Commercial Plumbing Services

Backed up drains and clogged pipes can be a significant setback to any commercial industry. These common scenarios can result in unwanted odors, damage to your facilities, and perhaps even a poor reflection on the business itself. No can predict with 100% certainty when a plumbing emergency might strike but it is possible to reduce the risk of emergencies with preventative maintenance.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing can provide the expert commercial plumbing services that will help you handle many of these common problems.  We specialize in the service areas required to keep your commercial system up and running, including these four necessary services:

  • Pipeline Inspections and Repairs

Lorenzo’s Plumbing can help you maintain the long term integrity of your plumbing system.  Over time, pipelines begin to wear and become more and more susceptible to underground forces, especially infiltration by tree roots.  Cracks in the sewer line attract tree roots, which can penetrate worn out pipe materials.  Damage from roots can be extensive if the situation is not identified early. A pipeline inspection is a great way to prevent serious problems, save money, and extend the life of your plumbing system.  With our ThermaView infrared laser video camera, we can perform pipeline inspections that will identify even the slightest cracks.  Our commercial plumbing services offer a level of technology that enables us to perform preventive repairs as well as repair any damage that has already occurred.

  • Drain Cleaning

Our commercial drain cleaning service utilizes a high-pressure hose to clean out debris, grease, and other contaminants that may be residing in your pipes and creating clog conditions.  Our high pressure drain cleaning can also treat conditions caused by tree root infiltration.  Tree root masses can clog the drain system by taking up space inside the sewer line and acting as a net for debris. Cleaning out the debris will help keep the wastewater flowing.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing can help you maintain your functioning drains, to prevent backups, as well as repair drain problems.

  • Sewage Ejection

Lorenzo’s Plumbing offers installation and repair services for commercial sewage ejection systems.  Not infrequently, the sewer line draining wastewater from a particular building is located at a ground level that is higher than certain parts of the building that require wastewater outflow.  An example is a street level sewer line draining a building that has a below-ground level floor, such as a basement, with a bathroom. A building like this requires a sewage ejection system to pump the wastewater upwards.  Problems may occur with the functioning of the pump.  We can repair your pump or install a new system.  We can handle all your commercial wastewater ejection needs.

  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Work involving sewer lines can require a significant amount of labor due to the subterranean location of the system.  Current methods of working on underground infrastructure are less labor intensive than traditional methods, however. Lorenzo’s Plumbing offers commercial sewer line repair and replacement using modern trenchless technology. We use the ThermaView infrared laser sewer camera to inspect your sewer and identify the repair requirements.  We can then perform most repairs with little to no excavation.  Let us handle your commercial sewer repairs and save money in the process.

Let Lorenzo’s Plumbing handle your commercial plumbing needs so you can focus on business!






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