Residential Gas Fitting Services

As a cost-saving alternative to electricity, natural gas can be an important energy source for your home.   Many of your home’s amenities can be powered with natural gas, including spas and pools, fireplaces, HVAC systems, and outdoor grills. Natural gas is also potentially very hazardous if precautions are not taken to ensure that its presence in your home is properly contained. As long as your gas lines are intact and your appliances are functioning properly, natural gas is perfectly safe.  Leaks are the condition that creates danger, which is why you should always have your gas supply needs done by a licensed gas fitter, like Lorenzo’s Plumbing.  Leaks from gas lines or from malfunctioning appliances can cause explosions if not detected right away.  Slow leaks can exist for years without being detected, insidiously poisoning the environment.  Ironically, you are paying extra for the leaking gas.

Lorenzo’s Plumbing offers residential gas fitting services including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Pipe Fitting
  • Gas Appliance Hookups
  • Gas Line Repair and Replacement

We can also perform inspections for gas leaks. With a handheld detection device, we can check your gas lines.  Small leaks are commonly found at connection points. Such leaks can have harmful effects on health. They are also a waste of money.

Whether you already use natural gas in your home or want to use natural gas, Lorenzo’s Plumbing can provide the gas fitting services you need with the skill to ensure that your gas lines are secure and your home is safe.




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