Gas Appliance Hookups

Gas appliances such as water heaters, stoves, and dryers are a common choice for people looking to save energy as well as keep electrical costs down.  These appliances must be properly connected to the gas source in order to safely operate.  It is a good idea to hire a professional for this task to make sure there are no gas leaks, which have the potential to be deadly.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing offers gas appliance hookup services backed by experience and professional training.


Call us to perform the hookups for your gas appliances. New hookups should always be mounted whenever a new gas appliance is installed, even if it is replacing a similar gas appliance. The reasoning behind this is concerned with safety as well as functioning.  As a measure to prevent gas leaks, old equipment should always be replaced.  In addition, your appliances might require different gas pressures to operate, requiring different equipment.  For instance, the concentration of natural gas required to heat your stove will differ greatly from the amount needed to heat your pool. This concentration ranges from approximately 1/4 pound to around 60 pounds of pressure being exerted through a pipe.  This pressure delivery is largely dependent on the sizes and specifications of individual gas appliance hookups.  To prevent gas leaks, the hookups must be installed to provide the correct pressures for each appliance with sufficiently durable equipment.


Our services can provide you with the peace of mind to know that your gas appliance is operating safely. Another great reason to hire a professional to perform this job is that in many cases, accidental damage to natural gas lines is not covered by basic home insurance plans where the homeowner is the one performing a gas appliance installation.  Instead, this type of gas line damage coverage is offered at a premium.  If something were to go wrong while doing it yourself, you could end up paying additional out-of-pocket costs for repair work that could exceed the initial cost of service.

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