Indoor and Outdoor Gas Line Installation

Whether enjoying a new fireplace, cooking on an outdoor grill, heating a hot tub or pool, or installing a new dryer, you will need gas lines to supply power to these appliances.  Gas lines transport and regulate the natural gas flowing into your home from an external supply source.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing can install gas lines, indoors and outdoors, for your home.  We can provide the installations you need in order to use natural gas in your home as an alternative energy source.

Gas line installation is a job that should be done by a qualified professional.  The technical aspects require a specific type of knowledge and attention to detail that goes beyond regular do-it-yourself experience.  An understanding of your home’s layout is vital, especially regarding existing gas lines.  If a gas line is improperly installed, it could leak gas into your home, which is very hazardous.

Part of the problem with a gas leak is how to detect it since natural gas is invisible and odorless.  To help with this problem, an odorant is added to natural gas so that people will be able to easily smell it.  The chemicals used to odorize natural gas provide the distinctive, sulfur-like odor you are likely to have noticed if you’ve ever used a gas stove.  What you smell is the odorant rather than the natural gas.  Odorants do not provide a reliable method for detection because many factors can cause odorant loss.  Also, odorants won’t help detect slow gas leaks, which can lead to natural gas poisoning.

If your home is already connected to the supply lines and you are just interested in installing additional gas lines, the lines in your home can be extended to wherever you need natural gas directed.  If your home is not currently hooked up to supply lines or you are building a new home, Lorenzo’s Plumbing can obtain the necessary permits and install the gas lines needed to connect your home to the natural gas supply lines.  Once your home is connected, you will be able to use this affordable energy source.



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