Drain Cleaning

Often overlooked, drain cleaning is an important home maintenance service that ensures the functionality of your plumbing and the happiness of your household. High-pressure water jets are utilized to clear out obstructions in the underground drainage system that leads to the sewers.  Our drain cleaning services are safer and more effective than over-the-counter chemicals and will help protect your pipes from damage.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing offers residential drain cleaning to correct any problems you may be having with your drains as well as to prevent problems through regular maintenance.

Why is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

 The pipes that connect your house’s plumbing to the sewer lines are located underground. Being in direct contact with the earth subjects them to various forces of nature, particularly tree roots in search of water.  Tree roots are attracted to the pipes and can infiltrate them through cracks.  The roots will continue to grow inside the pipes forming net-like masses that collect debris and eventually create blockages. Clay pipes are particularly susceptible to this problem, which is why materials like PVC are being used more frequently.  Our high pressure cleaning process will clear out these blockages and can prevent similar clogs if done regularly.  Other situations necessitating drain cleaning are common, occurring as a regular effect of our lifestyle.  Various debris and household substances are washed down the drain on a daily basis but cleaning the drains rarely occurs until they back up.  The debris accumulates until it eventually creates a blockage.  At this point, the plumbing system will clog and could even result in raw sewage entering your home through the drains.  Only a proper drain cleaning using professional plumbing equipment will solve the problem.

How Often Should I Have My Drain Cleaned?

Drain cleaning can be performed as either preventative maintenance or in the event of an emergency. In emergencies, the service is more expensive and could result in a significant inconvenience if your home is without operational plumbing. If you sense that something might be wrong with your plumbing you should contact a professional plumber before a problem occurs.  If you notice a decrease in water pressure or gurgling when you flush, these are sure signs of a drain problem that will get worse if not addressed as soon as possible.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Over-the-Counter Drain Cleaners?

 Over-the-counter drain cleaners are composed of chemicals that dissolve certain materials in the blockage reducing its size so that it can be cleared to permit the free flow of water. Repetitive use of chemical drain cleaners eventually corrodes and weakens the pipe materials leading to the need for expensive repairs. These products will not harm your plumbing if used occasionally but they shouldn’t be used as a maintenance measure and if the need for them arises frequently, a more serious drain problem is likely in the works.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing can provide a much better solution in either case with our residential drain cleaning services.


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