Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is a recent advance in the field of professional plumbing.  A growing body of innovative techniques for working on underground pipelines is now available for professional plumbers to implement in their service offerings.  “Trenchless” really means trenchless—no excavation, or minimal if any, is standard for jobs on sewer lines; excavation is now the exception. Older plumbing is more likely to require excavation than plumbing made out of up-to-date materials but much sewer work should still be possible without digging, even for older plumbing, which can even be replaced using trenchless technology.  Plumbers can now perform services on your sewer lines without undertaking major construction projects on your lawn then handing you a bill charging significant amounts of money.

Trenchless technology allows plumbers to access pipes using a specialized sewer camera.  Lorenzo’s Plumbing uses the ThermaView IR (infrared) camera to thoroughly inspect the pipeline interior and gather accurate diagnostic information. The ThermaView camera uses lasers to provide video and has infrared imaging capabilities that can be used to provide information detectable by temperature variations, such as cracks that can’t be seen with an ordinary video.

After the cause of a problem is located, trenchless techniques can be used for the repairs.  If tree roots are clogging your pipes, for instance, hydro jets can force them out and scour the pipes.  Robotically controlled cutting devices are available as well. For damaged pipes, they can be repaired with several methods including sliplining and CIPP (cured in place pipe).  Pipes can be replaced by pipe bursting, where a single device simultaneously breaks the old pipe into fragments while pulling a replacement pipe into place and forcing the fragments through.

Lorenzo’s Plumbing uses trenchless technology for the services that require work on underground pipelines.  Trenchless methods are ideal not only by minimizing disturbance and labor requirements, but they are less expensive, saving you money.


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