ThermaView Infrared Laser Video Inspection

The development of specialized plumbing equipment is on the rise.  Professional plumbers can now work more efficiently and effectively thanks to tools like the ThermaView IR camera.  The ThermaView IR is a powerful camera system that permits us to get an ‘inside look’ at your sewer and drainage systems. It uses lasers and infrared technology to obtain video and temperature information for a precise diagnosis so we can recommend the best course of action.

What does it Look Like?

The ThermaView IR is a small cylindrical CCTV camera affixed to a flexible hose that can be run into pipes and sewer lines. It allows plumbers to access small pipes and hard to reach areas such as behind shower walls. High-powered lights surrounding the lens illuminate the inside of the pipeline while the camera takes a video that can be watched on a monitor.

How does it Work?

The ThermaView IR video inspection system provides an accurate picture of the inside of your pipelines with a high powered camera.  Using lasers, it takes a video that we watch on a monitor.  The information we obtain allows us to advise you on the best plan of action going forward. The data derived using this high-tech camera eliminates conjecture and gives plumbers viable facts to confidently provide you with the best possible service.

The ThermaView IR also uses infrared technology that can identify temperature differences to provide information that ordinary video cannot.  The infrared feature can detect very slight temperature differences that show us where small cracks are developing or where unpermitted sewer pipes may be attached.  The great advantage is being able to find and repair small flaws to maintain the pipe and prevent problems.

With this technology at our disposal, our services are among the very best in professional plumbing. The ThermaView IR camera is an invaluable tool for performing sewer inspections and other trenchless methods.  Call Lorenzo’s Plumbing for your underground plumbing needs.

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